Alchemy Bicycles will again be contesting the Enduro World Series in 2020, with two new pro riders in Evan Geankoplis and Todd Renwick. Geankoplis will be riding Alchemy’s mixed-wheel nine7five while Renwick will be competing on the Arktos 29. Joining Alchemy in its 2020 Enduro World Series effort will be a host of valued partners. Alchemy would like to thank all of these companies for helping make this dream a reality: ENVE, Shimano, Maxxis, Cushcore, Fox and Wolf Tooth. Both riders will also be wearing Royal Racing gear with 7 IDP pads.

Evan Geankoplis Riding Shot

Evan Geankoplis
Age: 28
Home Town: Folsom, CA
Since turning pro back in 2011, the Folsom, California native has shown that consistency is his game. He has won multiple California Enduro Series events and has top fived more races than you can count on your fingers. Nicknamed Geno by his friends, the laid-back rider is known for increasing his pace the rougher the terrain becomes. The loose and technical tracks at EWS #2 in Chile should perfectly suit his riding style.

2019 and 2020 Highlights
2nd Place 2020 Mt Shasta California Enduro Series #2
1st Place 2019 Big Mountain Enduro #3
1st Place California Enduro Series #2
2nd Place 2019 Big Mountain Enduro #4

Todd Renwick Riding Shot

Todd Renwick
Age: 24
Home Town: Soulsbyville, CA
Ever since Renwick transitioned from DH racing to Enduro back in 2018, his results have been steadily improving. A highlight of his 2019 season was winning the Big Mountain Enduro event in Big Sky, Montana, but he also finished in the top 5 of all of the California Enduro Series events he entered. The Chile and Colombia EWS rounds will be the first overseas international races for the young rider from Central California.

2019 and 2020 Highlights
5nd Place 2020 Mt Shasta California Enduro Series #2
1st Place 2019 Big Mountain Enduro #4
1st Place California Enduro Series #3
4th Place California Enduro Series #2

Alchemy’s nine7five and Arktos feature Alchemy’s dual-linkage system called Sine Suspension. The “Sine” comes from the shock rate, which resembles a sine wave when graphed. It’s regressive through the first part of the travel to absorb small bumps and provide climbing traction. In the middle of the stroke, it’s progressive to avoid wallowing on big hits or in hard, fast corners. Then it’s slightly regressive again in the last 15 percent of the stroke to enable the bike to use all of its rear-wheel travel.

“I have been riding the nine7five almost exclusively since I signed with Alchemy at the start of this year. I think the bike really compliments my riding style. The turning is quick and the bike feels poppy, but at speed I still feel the stability of the 29er. I am really liking where I am at with this bike and see myself racing most rounds on it.”
-Evan Geankoplis

“From my first ride, I was completely comfortable on the Arktos. It’s stiff, stable yet nimble, and really allows me to ride at my limit. The suspension system really impresses me as well. The Arktos pedals so well, but at the same time can absorb a monster impact. I feel like I can ride it right on the edge very comfortably.”
Todd Renwick

The Alchemy Factory Racing Team will debut at the Colombia round of the EWS in late March 2020.

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