Titanium Bikes Made By Hand

You have heard the lore of titanium: snappiness, comfort, and exceptional ride feel. For those that aspire to the metals, the Alchemy team brings decades of precision experience. Master welders shape, miter, and weld metal into something that is truly a work of art.

01. Tube Shaping

Master welder Jeff Wager oversees all metal production. Native to New York state, Wager previously worked at Serotta before joining Alchemy in Colorado. Alchemy metal is distinguished by a tapered, integrated headtube and S-bend seat stays.
Jeff Wager bending titanium tubes for a frame.

An Alchemy Bikes master welder shapes a titanium tube to be used in a custom titanium bike.

02. Mitering

The motto of good mitering is don’t interrupt the weld. Here the geometry of the bike is defined, down to the millimeter as the bike is assembled on the frame jig. Each tube is cut and hand finished, adjusting the speed of the saw for various angles and sanding the cut to allow for the cleanest weld.
A titanium tube prepped for mitering.

A titanium tube prepped for mitering.

03. Welding

Clean and simple. That’s the recipe. Each frame is hand-welded, and with Wager’s decade and a half of welding experience he’s mastered and refined his freehand technique. Welds are a point of pride for any frame builder, and Alchemy proudly displays the work, encouraging the art of the weld to be on full display.
Wager welding a titanium frame.

Wager welding a titanium frame.

04. Finishing

After the welding is complete, the facing and reaming are done by hand. The internals of the seat tube, bottom bracket and head tube are lightly reamed by hand, and minor external facing is done to improve assembly.
Wager hand finishing a titanium frame.

Wager hand finishing a titanium frame.

05. Paint

For metal, there is the option for a raw finish or paint. The Ethic Paint Works staff can polish the raw titanium logos or paint the metal frames.
Phil Harwood prepping paint.

Phil Harwood prepping paint.

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