Semi custom

This is as custom as most bike companies get. A handcrafted ready-to-roll frame paired with your choice of components and your custom paint scheme to make just the statement you want.

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Carbon Road

Derived from our award-winning full-custom Helios, the handcrafted Atlas simplifies the production process without losing any of the spirited ride.

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Titanium Road

A vertically compliant titanium frame with lateral rigidity. Forgiving on the body, but with the strength to propel you forward with conviction.

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Carbon Gravel

This is the quiver killer. From fire road climbs to mountain descents, the Hyas is ready. Featuring a taut rear triangle, it rolls with a stiff, yet cushioned, ride.

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With a dual-linkage platform licensed exclusively from David Earle, our exclusive full-suspension carbon fiber mountain bike is made in USA and top of class.

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Titanium Cyclocross

Whether you're lining up in the grid for a weekend cross race or smashing a week day gravel ride, the Chiron propels you forward with the classic ride quality our Eros is renowned for.

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Make just the statement you want.