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The Ronin Ti Reviewed in Road Bike Action

Joel Smith

From its tube-to-tube construction to its incredibly smooth ride quality, our custom Ronin titanium gravel bike has been getting well-deserved attention across the industry.

Recently, our friends over at Road Bike Action took the Ronin Ti for a spin to see what all the hype is about. The reviewer tested the limits of the Ronin Ti on the road and gravel to see what it’s capable of.

Here are a few highlights from their review:

For us, the two visible cues that the Ronin means business, we would point to the short head tube and seatstay bridge.

Tapered chainstays and a beefy dropout are part of the Ronin’s purposeful design.

Read the full review below to get all the details from the frame to the parts to the ride to the final verdict.

Read Road Bike Action’s full review of the Ronin Ti »

As mentioned at the end of the review, our handmade carbon fiber Ronin grave bike is our newest masterpiece. Released at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic, this new version of the Ronin has been turning heads.

Discover why our custom Ronin carbon fiber bike is the ultimate gravel bike »


Alchemy’s Joel Smith has been riding mountain bikes for over 35 years. Starting out in the dirt on a converted Laguna-brand cruiser in the mid-1980s, his immediate love of the sport turned into a lifelong career. Smith raced both XC and DH in the 1990s (in the now defunct NORBA National Series) and has worked on nearly every aspect of bike development over his nearly 30-year long career.

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