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The Alchemy Overwrap: What Does it Mean?

Drew Van Kampen



Whether you have been following Alchemy for a while or are relatively new to the brand, you may have noticed an interesting detail on our carbon Road, All-Road, and Gravel bikes. Around the frame junctions (think headtube, bottom bracket, rear dropouts) there are some interesting lines as your eye draws from the junction down the tube. When finishing our bikes, we often just put a clear coat over the carbon or use a tint to color the frame while maintaining the ability to see this craftsmanship.

So what’s the deal? Why is it such a big deal to be able to see these lines?





The answer is that this is a symbol of the way we build our bikes, a one-of-a-kind process that we take a great deal of pride in. Most bike companies have moved their carbon building process to a monocoque mold (where a bike comes out of a mold in one or two pieces and is epoxied together for structural integrity) to maximize the stiffness-to-weight ratio on their bikes. While this looks good on paper in bike bibles, we do things in a much more labor-intensive manner to give our bikes the absolute best ride-quality in the world.





Our bikes are built using a process called tube-to-tube construction. What this means is that each of the tubes in every one of our bikes is molded separately. The carbon fibers in every single tube are oriented, layed up, and molded based on the functionality of that tube in the overall ride quality of the bike.





These tubes are then cut, mitered, and assembled using hand-wrapped pieces of carbon around the junctions. Most bikes rely on epoxy for their structural integrity which adds weight and becomes an eventual fatigue point. By wrapping the junctions with actual carbon fiber, our bikes will maintain their ride-quality with the strength to last a lifetime.





The result is an incredibly stiff frame purpose-built for the task at hand. Road bikes and All-Road bikes are meant to be ridden all day, so our Atlas and Hyas models are built with industry-leading stiffness that won’t rattle your bones over countless miles.





Our Ronin gravel line has more forgiveness built into the frame without sacrificing any of the stiffness that our Atlas and Hyas models are renowned for. Each tube, down to the very fiber, is manipulated to give every one of the bikes that head out our door a ride-quality refined for its specific use down to its very DNA.





As a company, we refuse to sacrifice ride quality. We believe in unrestrained performance even if it means more work for us. We’ll do the sweating so you get the ride of a lifetime.

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