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The Ultimate Custom Bike Fitting: The Alchemy Way

Joel Smith

Alchemy Bicycles has earned a reputation for hand-crafting carbon and titanium dream bikes in Colorado, but few know that Alchemy offers more than just road bike manufacturing expertise.

At our Denver headquarters, Alchemy is capable of providing a full spectrum of custom bike services. This includes a professional on-site bike fitting, made-to-order paint designs, and the ability to select preferred components.

When you visit Alchemy for a custom bike fitting, firs you’ll be greeted with a taste of our pro-level coffee making (we have a La Marzocco Simonelli espresso machine). But then the real treat: you get to work one-on-one with company founder Ryan Cannizzaro, who has been a Retul fitter since the company was founded over ten years ago.

And no matter where you’re coming from, we’ve got you covered. We not only provide the fit for free, a $250 value, but we will credit another $250 back on your bike purchase to help cover travel costs.

At Alchemy, we go above and beyond for our customers. We have created a streamlined, one-stop process to designing your dream road bike. Now’s the time to take advantage of it.

Keep reading to get the full run-down on our in-depth road bike fitting and design process.

It Starts With The Fit

Any dream bike starts with a custom fit, and Alchemy is proud to provide custom geometry on both titanium and carbon frames.

Each Alchemy carbon frame utilizes a tube-to-tube construction followed by a unique overlaying design. This allows for a proper fit for everyone, regardless of height.

The same can be said for our hand-welded US-made titanium frames. We can design around your custom needs.

The process begins in our fit studio, where we take precise measurements needed to design a bike around your unique physique.

“We take a very hands-on approach to each custom bike,” says Cannizzaro. “Not only do we design the tooling, determine the layup schedules, and then construct all of the tubes for each frame, but we use the fit information to perfectly tailor the frame to your needs.”

Measurements from the fitting process are entered into computer-aided design (CAD) software that lets the designer and client create full plans for a finished bike.

Choose Your Paint

While Alchemy continues to receive accolades for crafting carbon bikes in the US, our painting capabilities make us one of the most unique and sought-after bike designers in the world.

If you’ve been following our Bike of the Week posts on social media, you know Alchemy is highly skilled in creating exceptional paint designs, specifically tailored to our customer’s vision.

To start the process of paint selection we encourage customers to check out our showroom bikes and take a tour of the paint facility. There are hundreds of different designs and color samples to help start the creative process.

After that, you’ll sit down with our design team and turn your ideas to reality. Our designers will provide real-time design concepts and provide multiple versions for you to compare.

Custom Components

Alchemy prides itself on providing the highest-value spec on our complete bikes. As an example, our ENVE equipped bikes are thousands of dollars less than the competition, all with an American-made frame. We also offer flexibility on your build.

With our stock component builds, you have the ability to determine handlebar width, stem length, seat post offset, crank length and gearing at no additional charge. But that’s just the beginning.

There are limitless possibilities on your bike component build.

On the full custom build, you can specify each part to meet your needs. Want ceramic hub bearings? No problem. The latest wireless components from SRAM? Can do. We encourage you to dream big.

Lastly, all custom bikes are shipped in our Alchemy travel bag free of charge. The fully reinforced bag has internal padding to protect both your frame and components, and it takes only minutes to assembly the bike and get to riding.

Join Us at Alchemy

We’re proud to welcome our customers to visit our facility and see in person what makes an Alchemy bike, an Alchemy. It’s with pleasure that we make each and every Alchemy customer feel at home.

From custom fit to custom paint to custom components our concierge service enables you to create that perfect dream road bike and become part of the Alchemy family.

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Alchemy’s Joel Smith has been riding mountain bikes for over 35 years. Starting out in the dirt on a converted Laguna-brand cruiser in the mid-1980s, his immediate love of the sport turned into a lifelong career. Smith raced both XC and DH in the 1990s (in the now defunct NORBA National Series) and has worked on nearly every aspect of bike development over his nearly 30-year long career.

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