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Alchemy Arktos 29 Customer Q and A

Hayden Noel

A conversation between Alchemy and Jed Peters…


// Q: How did you hear about Alchemy Jed?

A: Research, research, research! I wanted a cool, unique bike brand and I knew it looked like a quality product.


// Q: What made you ultimately decide to choose The Arktos 29 over other options?

A: Options were initially between the new Specialized Stumpjumper 29 and the Transition Sentinel 29. I chose the Arktos because it appeared to be the “best of both worlds” offering superior pedaling performance, with David Earle designed suspension, the 140 travel in rear and 160 up front, and the “all mountain” geometry.


// Q: What was your first impression when you saw your bike?

A: Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous. Highest praise possible, actually.


// Q: What was your first impression riding your bike Jed?

A: Hmmm…this is a tough one, but WOW. The Arktos is a “jack of all trades” really. I’ve ridden it mostly as a straight big travel XC bike, but it’s actually performed in full on DH mode shuttling as well. In essence…it’s a do-it-all type machine, and more suited to big mountain, all day riding.

// Q: How does it stack up against other progressive trail 29ers you have ridden?

A: Honestly it pedals as good as the Switch series bikes from Yeti, but is more progressive and “fun”. Not as playful/poppy as a DW-link or DELTA bike, BUT much more plush and planted. The Arktos 29 pedals INFINITELY better than the VPP and FSR style bikes…not to mention the horst-link bikes that are just harsh and linear.


// Q: Okay Jed, what is your FAVORITE thing about The Arktos 29?

A: The pedaling!!! I know that sounds weird–but this thing gobbles technical single track. It likes to be “ridden hard and fast”. I’ve actually put people on it, and they’ve been markedly faster on this than their old bikes. Pretty cool to see.


// Q: Would you recommend Alchemy and the Arktos 29 to friends and family?

A: Heck yeah, I want another Alchemy myself! And to friends? Of course. Alchemy kept me appraised at every turn, and they were on the ball with any questions I had. The Arktos is a very special bike. I can ride pretty much anything I want–and I’m happy riding the Arktos 29. Every time I ride the bike (or look at it even) it makes me happy! I haven’t found a situation that I’ve wanted something “more”… yes, I’ve wanted “less” bike (like a hardtail or a single speed), but the bike has never left me wanting for more. And having rode the old and the new Yeti SB’s, Santa Cruz’s, Ibis’, YT’s, etc.. that’s saying something!


Thanks Jed, Happy Trails out there!




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