Full custom

The full-custom process starts with a professional fit and consultation about your riding goals. Then, the Alchemy of your choice is designed and assembled from the ground up.

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Carbon Road

Purpose-built for performance. We blended the DNA of our aero road bike with more traditional round tubes to create the flagship of our carbon fiber road line.

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Titanium Road

A vertically compliant titanium frame with lateral rigidity. Forgiving on the body, but with the strength to propel you forward with conviction.

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A carbon fiber competitive cyclocross bicycle. With our signature tube-to-tube lay-up schedule, the Balius is built custom-tuned to your demands.

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Carbon Aero Road

Two-time winner of the “Best Carbon Bike” award at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show. The Arion cheats wind and defies physics.

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Titanium craftsmanship for the gravel connoisseur or cyclocross competitor, with S-bend seat and chainstays to dampen the ride and keep your rear tire tracking.

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A steed for the long haul. The carbon fiber frame is designed to dampen the constant vibrations of gravel and off-road riding, with no sacrifice of efficiency.

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Stainless Steel Road

A bike for the traditionalists, the purists, the die hards. Made with an Alchemy proprietary, handpicked tubeset, this stainless frame is a forever bike made modern.

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Adventure Gravel

From day-long gravel expeditions to multi-day bike packing trips, this all-around adventure bike is built with American-made titanium tubes to handle any abuse.

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