By Philip Harwood While the double diamond frame design of a road bicycle has changed little over the past century, just about every other component of the modern bicycle has changed and progressed into the wildly futuristic machines we are accustomed to gawking over today. Long gone are the days of yore, when the first […]

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By Philip Harwood “Model years are for bike companies that don’t have timeless product” is plastered on the walls here at Alchemy. To put it simply, perfection does not need to be constantly upgraded, even in the bicycle industry, where bottom bracket, wheel and brake standards change about as often as a cyclist changes a […]

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The San Francisco Bay Area is known for a lot of things — the Golden Gate Bridge, Boudin’s sourdough bread — but world-class road riding isn’t one of them. Many people don’t know that the city and the surrounding area has nearly limitless riding. And all different types of riding, too: steep climbing, long miles, long […]

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Written by Alchemy’s custom bike painter, Phil Harwood.   Do you have a road ride bucket list? If so, making a trip out to Colorado should be your top priority (if you’re not lucky enough to live here). Our state has some of the best road riding in the world, especially in the summer months […]

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Before the advent of carbon fiber, there was a time that the only way to make a lightweight bicycle frame was by using titanium. Titanium is half the weight of steel, twice as strong as aluminum, very resistant to fatigue, and doesn’t corrode. There’s also distinctive ride quality to titanium that has created legions of […]

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