The Perfect Finish.

The Alchemy in-house paint studio, Ethic Paint Works puts the final touches on every frame. With decades of experience in both bicycle and automotive paint, the team brings expertise and artistry to your ride.

taping a frame.


Taping is painting. And with each layer of paint comes the meticulous process of applying the tape. No decals are used on an Alchemy frame, and no matter how complex the artwork, it is prepped and applied by hand, layer-by-layer.

Full color.

There are no limits to your design. With a full range of automotive-quality paints, there are millions of colors and combinations. This is your bike. Make it your own.

Mixing Paint
Mixing Paint

Hand Finished.

Every Alchemy is built by hand, from tubes to clear coat. This is an art object that rolls. This is a craftsman’s work. This is more than a bicycle

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