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29" Mountain Bikes

with Alchemy’s patented Sine Suspension system

Mountain Bikes


Carbon // 29"-27.5" // 140mm rear // 160MM front // Starting at $2999

Available in:

Mullet Bike

The emerging crop of mixed-wheel bikes have been described as mullet bikes (business in front and party in the rear). Alchemy was the first company to bring a 29 front-27.5 rear full-suspension bike into production. And with good reason: there is more to the new 160mm front 140mm rear travel Alchemy nine7five than just humorous sloganeering. This bike is a serious enduro weapon. With the bigger front wheel, the bike has the ability to mow over any obstacle. And with the smaller rear wheel, it provides the quick handling of a playful 27.5 ride. It’s really the best of both worlds.

To read more on why a nine7five might be in your future, check out our mullet bike blog.

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29 inch wheel in the front, 27.5 inch in the back. The world's best mullet bike, the nine7five is a carbon mountain bike made by Alchemy Bikes.

Arktos 29 ST

Carbon // 29" // 120MM rear // 140MM front // Starting at $2999

Available in:

“Incredibly smooth and controlled” bike Magazine USA
The Arktos 29 ST (for short travel) is the younger brother of the Arktos 29, and like younger siblings, it’s shorter, quicker and more playful than its elders. Where the Arktos 29 was designed to crush fast, open, super techy EWS tracks, the Arktos 29 ST is capable of hitting the same bone-tingling descents, but adds a little fun in the mix. It turns quicker and changes directions faster on those tight switchbacks, but still has that slack geometry to keep it stable at speeds. It’s the everyday bike for hitting every track.

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The Arktos 29 ST is the best 29 inch short travel carbon mountain bike in the world, made by Alchemy Bikes.

Arktos 29

Carbon // 29" // 140MM rear // 160MM front // Starting at $2999

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Featuring Alchemy’s exclusive Sine full-suspension system
The Arktos features famed designer David Earle’s patented dual-linkage suspension platform called “Sine”. The name “Sine” derives from the shock rate, which resembles a sine wave when graphed. The design creates suspension that is regressive through the first part of the travel to absorb small bumps and provide climbing traction, is progressive in the middle to avoid wallowing on big hits or in hard, fast corners, and is regressive again in the last 15 percent of the stroke so the bike can use all of its rear-wheel travel. It’s efficient, responsive, and provides downhill capabilities unparalleled in today’s crop of modern trail bikes.

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The Arktos is the best 29 inch carbon mountain bike in the world, made by Alchemy Bikes.

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