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When you think about mountain biking in Colorado, you’re probably visited with visions of remote, high-altitude trails crisscrossing the Continental Divide, sunny blue skies, and cool, thin air. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Deep in the Rockies lies some of the world’s best riding. But what most people don’t know is that within reach of […]

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Carbon fiber, carbon fiber, carbon fiber…These days, carbon fiber is ubiquitous. Everything from the wings of Boeing’s famed 787 Dreamliner to that iPhone case in your pocket utilize the material. And with good reason. Carbon fiber allows manufacturers to produce high-strength parts that are extremely lightweight and durable. It’s also the ultimate material for bicycle […]

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Mixed-wheel bikes, mullet bikes, Franken-bikes…call them what you want, but riding different-size wheels on a mountain bike has been a hot topic in 2019. Maybe it’s because the UCI finally “legalized” them for competition, or maybe it’s the fact that when used in competition, riders actually won races on mixed wheel mountain bikes. Regardless, the […]

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Last weekend was a big weekend for Alchemy Bicycles, as the company scored a top ten at a Enduro World Series event. Alchemy Factory Racer Cody Kelley finished in 7th place at the Northstar, California race, a career-high finish for the Salt Lake City native. Equally impressive is that Kelly piloted Alchemy’s new nine7five mixed […]

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// Why Short Travel? With the introduction of the new Arktos 29ST (for short travel), Alchemy now offers two different 29er options to the market. Both bikes feature Alchemy’s patented Sine Suspension, a system which maximizes pedaling efficiency without detracting from downhill performance. So why choose one over the other? Well, the answer really depends […]

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When you’re hitting the trails, you can never be too prepared. The terrain will inevitably hold bumps and holes and jumps that will catch even the most experienced riders by surprise. We’ve outlined the necessary tools and equipment to bounce back from any mechanicals that your bike may incur in this blog.

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